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-of-control fire has already left the park badly scarred. to protect the giant sequoias, they are using sprinklers. ash is falling in a reservoir that supplies much of san francisco water. it hasn't affected water quality yet, but some generators that rely on the reservoir to power the city have been shut down. and while a vast majority of yosemite national park remains open, frank, about 200 of the 1500 camping sites are now closed. >> okay. why aren't yosemite park officials as concerned with the fire pushing to the northwest side of the park? it's still open for business, right? >> reporter: it still is. if anything, a lot of those campsites were actually closed down because of thick smoke. it wasn't necessarily the flames. but one of the reasons that they're not as concerned for that section of the fire is really because of some of the forest's own natural resources protecting itself. as the fire continues to push northwest into the park, it's actually being greeted by rock and granite which is obviously not fuel for the fire as opposed to some of the dry brush that it's got to already. bigad
u.s. and russian diplomats are working in washington to repair damage caused after russia granted edward snowden asylum. secretary of state john kerry and his russian counterpart opened a meeting a couple of hours ago. kerry says they need to make progress on global trouble spots including syria. meantime, the state department is warning americans to avoid traveling to pakistan. that's after a specific threat forced the consulate there to evacuate. tina kraus has the latest. >> reporter: a threat to the u.s. consulate in pakistan's second largest city lahore has forced american diplomats out. the u.s. government ordered all nonessential staff to leave the area because of a possible attack. the consulate was already scheduled to be closed through sunday for a muslim holiday. >> this is a period where historically you have seen terrorist groups trying to attack. and so that adds to the sense of anxiety. >> reporter: the state department is advising u.s. citizens not to travel to pakistan. but u.s. officials say the consulate closure in lahore is not related to the closing of 19 u.s.
. >> there were several of us that didn't get that late night text alert. that can depend on a number of reasons. how you your phone is, the type of carrier you have and the individual settings on your phone. >> there is an option to turn off two types of alerts. but the chp says it helps them if you keep it on. >> we understand the notification startled people and everything like that. for us, you know, we want to get that information out to as many people as possible. sgllt so far they've received several tips which is encouraging which means people are paying attention. >> allows us to find the suspect and the abducted child in this case faster. that's ultimately our goal is a quick response attempt to locate quickly and a good outcome. >> officer says this technology could be a game changer in times of crisis and in this case helping a young life in danger. chp says before you flip that switch, think of what you are really turning off or rather who you could be helping. in san francisco, cate caugurian, kpix 5. >> people took to social media to complain about the sudden message. many said th
no sign of -- missing. and there's still no sign of her. as kpix 5 reporter anne makovec shows us her family is trying to keep up the momentum in the search. >> almost like, you know, you're suffocating. you feel helpless. >> reporter: family members of 22-month-old daphne webb say time has been standing still since daphne was reported missing on the morning of july 10. her father john anthony webb told police she was taken from his suv while he went inside a supermarket on international boulevard. his mother was in the vehicle at the time but she has dementia. police arrested webb on suspicion of child endangerment but no charges were filed >> he was the last person with daphne. so of course there is speculation as far as what happened to her. >> reporter: a baby matching her description was seen with a woman walking away from the area the day she was reported missing. but so far, that lead has come up empty. >> they said the first 48 hours are critical. i don't know how many hours that is. it's a lot of time. >> reporter: today's walk in honor of daphne webb starts here at the pol
minutes, president obama called syria's use of chemical weapons, quote, a challenge to the world and a threat to national security. >> we cannot accept a world where women and children and innocent civilians are gassed on a terrible scale. this kind of attack threatens our national security interests by violating well-established international norms against the use of chemical weapons by further threatening friends and allies of ours in the region like israel and turkey and jordan, and it increases the risk that chemical weapons will be used in the future and fall into the hands of terrorist who is might use them against us. >> the president said he made no decision yet but he is considering limited and narrow action against syria. earlier a declassified intelligence report was released laying out some of the evidence against syrian president bashar assad's government. cbs reporter danielle nottingham has that part of the story. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry arrived at the white house for a national security council meeting weighing a possible military strike against
. commuters also used bart as another option to get to work. bart employees were on hand to help people figure out where to go and how to buy tickets. for some, it was the same scene down at the peninsula at the millbrae bart station. for most commuters other than waking up earlier it was a good day on bart. >> it was okay. >> everything was smooth. i'm sure it will be getting hectic due to the bay bridge getting fixed. >> bart trains are operating 24/7 through monday night but overnight service will be limited. >>> there were long lines at all east bay ferry terminals this morning. as kpix 5's cate caugiran reports, getting to the terminals early is the key to a hassle-free ride. >> reporter: this morning's commute on the waterways was apparently the way to go. now, there were some long lines but thanks to increased service, there were still seats for commuters to relax in. it was actually the regular lieders who showed up in the early-morning hours and the consensus among the people we spoke to was got to get her early to grab a seat and parking spot. the terminal was full about an hour afte
reporter anne makovec joins us live outside the meeting where the big announcement was just made moment ago. >> reporter: now transportation officials are going from decision-making to planning because two weeks from tonight the bay bridge will be closed. the bay bridge as we know it. and five days later, or less, the new span of the bay bridge will be open. this was a whirlwind decision. the oversight committee made the call 15 minutes ago. first the federal government approved a temporary fix for the 32 bolts that snapped on the bridge in march and then we heard testimony from two independent panels who concurred that the new bridge is safer than the old bridge, even while the permanent fix, the saddle, is being installed. >> there's risk to all of us. if we have a design level event, we want the public on the new safe bridge. >> reporter: a lot of factors went into today's decision, much of it logistics dealing with the closure which is going to last up to five days beginning on wednesday, 28th, monday labor day. they are talking about repaving and painting work. if they finish early, th
cate caugiran tells us his classmates are mourning his loss, instead. >> reporter: san ramon valley high school student is killed in a late-night wreck hours before he was supposed to start his senior year. >> it's really sad. that's your senior year. that's really upsetting. >> reporter: moments after monday night's crash, students flooded social media websites expressing their love and support for the family of robert orlando. danville police say the three teens were in this car when the driver lost control and crashed into a tree on el capitan drive last night. the 17-year-old was sitting in the front on the right side of the car that hit the tree. his two friends are in the hospital in stable condition. >> you don't want to have grief counsels on your campus the first day of school, grief counselors. everybody looks forward to today. so it's going to be a tough day. >> i'm excited to come back this first day and i bet he was, too. and it's really sad that we won't see him this year. >> reporter: it's really sad to know they they died just before school started. disappointed. >>
-cashing store at gunpoint. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec joins us live. and anne, apparently they caught this guy. >> reporter: yeah. they caught him about an hour ago. he is in the hospital right now. he was taken directly there from this neighborhood. we know that a dog was involved in his apprehension so it might have been a dog bite wound but he is expected to survive. it all started earlier this morning here at this business behind me this check-cashing business on story road and diana avenue in san jose. a man tried to rob the place by gunpoint just before opening time at 8 a.m. there was one employee in the store at the time, a woman. shots were fired but the woman wasn't hit. she is fine. police were notified and they got here as the man with the gun was running out of the building. they say he started jumping fences and escaped into the neighborhood. you're looking at the police response as they tried to find him. it took about 2.5 hours as dozens, possibly hundreds, of homes were on lockdown as police and s.w.a.t. officers went door to door. this is what things looked like above from ch
. as sue kwan shows us buses were lined up at the walnut street station with no takers. >> reporter: i'm sue kwan in walnut creek. no bart strike. but not everyone got the memo. ten bus drivers showed up looking for stranded bart passengers to take to san francisco. >> i was expecting to help bart out. pick up the people and take them where they need to go. i was supposed to go to oakland. >> reporter: feiry service was expanded and went on as planned and cab drivers were ready to do their part. >> we offer a flexible rate. that's our contribution. >> reporter: for bart riders anxiously awaiting word, sunday night it was a relief. >> i wasn't looking forward to paying $30 a day to drive into work. i drove in and parked in a garage last night. i saw in the morning that it delayed again. so that saved you. >> reporter: for today. sue kwan, kpix 5. >> bart planned to have buses available for free shuttle services. stay with kpix 5 for the latest developments in the bart contract talks. you'll find coverage on >>> transit workers are getting ready to hit the picket lines as well.
their reputation. >> you represent us. you represent the public. and if you are going to demean us in public, at least demean us with issues and facts. >> reporter: bart says they have made progress on smaller details but the unions have shown little movement on those key sticking points. >> 23% raise request and they have moved only to 2 1.5% whereas we've doubled ours so we are trying to get to the middle. we need movement from them for us to move. >> reporter: they will meet over the weekend. there is no indication they will meet that monday deadline but even if a deal is made, could the relationship between bart and its employees be repaired? >> we're a family. and at the end of the day, we have to work together. and when all this is said and done, we're still supposed to be having a relationship. this is not the way to get it done. >> reporter: aside from a strike, bart says there are still a couple of options on the table. the governor could still issue a 60-day cooling-off period but bart says that would be worse for riders if a strike happens in october when they have record ridershi
to the audience turned away from us most of the time. now, we were here -- we were here when he was bused in from the santa rita jail. this is the closest video we have of him. no cameras were allowed in the courtroom. randy alana appeared in court today on parole violations. this is the man who police have called a, quote, person of interest in coke's death. here's where it gets interesting. in court today, we learned part of alana's parole condition was he could not have contact with sandra coke. that was specific to her. now, the judge said according to the parole agent, alana violated a number of conditions including not charging his required gps device, resisting arrest, absconding -- and we're now learning, having, quote, numerous contacts with sandra coke. >> the parole agent, i'm sorry, has alleged that that's a violation that that was the term and condition of his parole not to have contact with her and that he did according to parole agent. >> reporter: now, this latest bit of information brings about more questions. how did they know the two were in contact? and more importantly, why w
. firefighters expect to have that fully contained by tomorrow. and meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with more on the fire danger heading closer to the bay area. >> we have been watching for lightning around the bay area. our kpix 5 high-def doppler radar is looking for showers right now. so far, it remains quiet. that's the good news. but we're not out of the woods yet. there's still a chance we could see some more thunderstorms erupting in the bay area. that cutoff low continues to spin off the coastline. over the next 24 hours it will work its way northeast. that should take it across parts of the north bay. with that in mind, red flag warnings continuing in the north bay. you could see more dry lightning of course, you have some very dry grass. we'll have more coming up in weather. >>> in san jose, police arrested a burglary suspect after being shot by a security guard. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran tells us the security guard caught the suspect redhanded. >> reporter: an off-duty officer was on the way home around 1:30 this morning. >> he had just got off work when he confronted
gave us barack obama as president of the united states. after that speech, dr. kingeded up winning the nobel peace prize in 1964. and of course president barack obama has also won one as did jimmy carter who is speaking today. >> pelley: there were many things, of course, that influenced the civil rights movement but as you say, after this speech nothing was ever the same again. it was the voting rights act of 1964, the civil rights act of 1964, i should say. and then the voting rights act of 1965. nothing was ever the same again. when the president was asked about his remarks today, he said the first thing i want you to know is that my speech won't be as good. the president said that dr. king's speech is one of in his estimation one of the five best speeches of all time. but you think it's the best speech of american history. >> i think it's the best because we have a recording of it, something that happened in the 19th century we can listen to. and it continues to inspire. the genius of dr. king is that the speech is alive. it's filled with hope and aspirations. and so you're goi
in an earthquake. it would ultimately use a saddle to stabilize the bridge permanently. last week highway patrol started signing up officers toward over time shifts for traffic and security control at the bridge just in case they open on labor day weekend. the question is if the committee goes ahead with the labor day opening will they have enough time to install the shims, notify the public and businesses? we understand the committee won't decide today but will be holding a public hearing to announce their decision later this week. reporting from treasure island, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> the overriding goal is to get cars off the old span as soon as because of how easily it could fail in an earthquake. >>> a dui suspect remarks while in custody leads police to the body of his girlfriend. her death is now being investigated as a homicide. the woman was found this morning just after 6 a.m. inside an apartment at 45 newell road in east palo alto. that's just west of highway 101. investigators went to the complex after a man being held in the san mateo county jail started talking about a possible
strong gusty winds to go along with that too. sue kwon tells us fire crews are on the fire lines around northern california. >> reporter: i'm sue kwon near the oakland hills. there are ten fires burning across california. 5,000 firefighters. san bernardino, humbolt and fresno. sending crews to help battle those fires around the state. burning residential burns in certain counties. helicopters and dozers ready in the south and east bay areas. red flag warnings are in affect in the mountain regions, foothills and along the coast. >> california is at risk for this combination of dry lightning and gusty winds. that with the already dry conditions is going to elevate the fire danger extremely high. >> reporter: with the red flag warning comes restrictions. no bbqs in the park areas. could be road closures. in addition to that, firefighters are asking residents not to use equipment that could spark fire. because of the possibility of thunderstorms, hot weather possible, wind and very dry conditions around the bay area. i'm sue kwon near tunnel road. >> that fire southeast has consumed about 2
:00. >>> now let's get back to the wildfire in southern california. bigad shaban joins us from the front lines. what's the latest? >> reporter: frank, good to be with you. we're about 90 miles east of los angeles and the smoke here as you can see behind me is taking over much of the horizon. the fire has at least injured five people, four of them firefighters. fast-moving flames are scorching dry brush as a massive wildfire rips through the san jacinto mountains east of los angeles. on one side the flames are bearing down on buildings and houses. >> 6,000 acres, no containment! >> reporter: since wednesday afternoon, the fire has destroyed at least 15 structures including several homes. >> we have tried to get out. >> reporter: sherry is one of 1500 evacuees. >> i'm hoping that my house is still okay because we left and the fire was just right there. >> reporter: the smoke stretches for miles across these mountain ridges. firefighters are concerned the unpredictable winds with push the flames toward even more houses. one homeowner used a garden hose to fight the flames. about 1,000 firefighter
this morning, the flames have reached the park. cbs reporter teresa garcia joins us live on the front lines with the very latest. teresa. >> reporter: frank, began. yes, indeed, the fire has pushed into the borders of yosemite national park. we are at pine mountain lake airport. now, behind me this is the community that is under evacuation orders. we have been seeing some flames just pushing up and then subsiding a little bit so you may well see some behind me eventually but what the fire crews are doing is staging around this area. they are on standby to protect hundreds of homes and this is also really becoming an air war because accessibility, they have had to put up more than a dozen aircraft to fight the fire. the wildfire near yosemite national park is racing in multiple directions burning out of control. the "rim" fire has nearly quadrupled in size since wednesday and is now twice as big as the city of san francisco. >> it's a monster. it's beating us up right at the moment. >> reporter: columns of smoke some 40,000 feet high are visible for more than 100 miles and loom over nearby c
always tell people if you are not sure, call us. better to be safe than sorry. >> reporter: the entire second floor of the building was evacuated including 45 employees, county health department tensed the substance on scene inside a small lab. -- tested the substance on scene inside a small lab. we don't know what the substance was. the sheriff's office says it was not a threat to public safety. cate caugiran, kpix 5. >>> dozens of people are injured after a dramatic bus accident in los angeles. the scene is now affecting thousands. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec takes us to the rescue on the side of the major freeway. >> reporter: the 210 down in southern california, let's get right to the video. this happened just after 10:00 this morning. that charter bus overturned on the side of the 210 freeway in the los angeles county suburb of irwindale. it collided with a big rig and ended up on its side between the freeway and railroad tracks. l.a. county fire officials say more than 50 people, bus passengers, were injured. and earlier we saw some of them lying on the roadway shoulder waiting
up the financial shortfall if countries like the u.s. cut aid to egypt. >> the u.s. has a national security interest in continuing a relationship with egypt. the two nations work together with intelligence sharing and counter terrorism efforts. >> i thought i had a plan at first. then it started smoking. >> actor dick van dyck escaping a close call. what he recalls from the rescue. >>> and golden state warrior fans can show off spirit for the tv cameras. >> it has been quiet so far outside. but that could all change very soon. we'll talk about the possibility of thunderstorms coming up next. ,,,, at farmers we make you smarter about insurance, because what you dont know can hurt you. what if you didn't know that it's smart to replace washing-machine hoses every five years? what if you didn't know that you might need extra coverage for more expensive items? and what if you didn't know that teen drivers are four times more likely to get into an accident? 'sup the more you know, the better you can plan for what's ahead. talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance. living on c
holder used a bay area speech to propose dramatic changes in how the feds prosecute drug crimes. linda yee is live in the newsroom with his plan that could have a dramatic impact on prison overcrowding. >> reporter: the attorney general is pushing for less to no prison time and more rehabilitation for some low level drug offenders. attorney general eric holder spoke to the american bar association in san francisco this morning calling for major changes because of massive overcrowding in the federal prisons. there are currently 40% -- they are currently 40% above capacity. 219,000 inmates with nearly half of them serving time for drug-related crimes. holder says nonviolent offenders with no drug gang ties should get lesser sentences. >> i have today mandated a modification of the justice department's charging policies so that certain low level nonviolent drug offenders who have no ties to large-scale organizations, gangs or cartels will no longer be charged with offenses that impose draconian mandatory minimum sentences. >> reporter: the attorney general says money used for prison const
in the wrong hands and sold, sadly, as memorabilia. >>> another suspected u.s. drone strike hit the arab nation of yemen this morning killing at least six suspected al qaeda militants. it comes a day after the state department terror warning triggered and exodus of americans from the country. they say it thwarted a major plot. the attack is believed to be the fifth strike on terrorists on yemen in two weeks. >>> president obama cancelled his one on one visit with vladimir putin next month the latest in a series of setbacks between the two countries. the tanslation follow's russia's decision to grant asylum to edward snowden, accused of leaking national security agency secrets. mr. obama will still attend the g20 summit in russia. >>> next round of the america's cup where they stand in the semifinal races. >> a home ownership is, you know, the quintessential element of the american dream. >> how the housing market takes center stage in the president's southern california tour. >> and leaden overcast in the bay area giving way to a peak of sunshine out there. the numbers warmer than yesterday an
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22